Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Goals of the Irish Cancer Society in Ireland, is to lead the way in creating an excellent service for Cancer Patients in Ireland. Prevention, early detection and cutting waiting times for vital tests and various research will be of the utmost importance.

A very high priority for the Irish Cancer Society is the implementation of a vigorous campaign on 'No Smoking', especially for young people and teenagers who get hooked early on and find it difficult to give it up at a later date, thus increasing the risk of Lung Cancer and other Cancers related to smoking. Information on Cancer is also made readily available to any Irish citizen as well as a host of resources and services including excellent hospital care, community based nursing and hospice services. Click for more information on The Irish Cancer Society

This poem is a poem of Hope and Beauty. It tells us that the good days do come back, especially if we have hope. We need always keep hope close to our hearts.

Weary am I of the tumult, sick of the staring crowd,
Pining for wild sea places where the soul may think aloud.
Fled is the glamour of cities, dead as the ghost of a dream,
While I pine anew for the tint of blue on the breast of the old Gulf Stream.

I have had my dance with Folly, nor do I shirk the blame;
I have sipped the so-called Wine of Life and paid the price of shame;
But I know that I shall find surcease, the rest my spirit craves,
Where the rainbows play in the flying spray,
'Mid the keen salt kiss of the waves.

Then it's ho! for the plunging deck of a bark, the hoarse song of the crew,
With never a thought of those we left or what we are going to do;
Nor heed the old ship's burning, but break the shackles of care
And at last be free, on the open sea, with the trade wind in our hair.

From Ireland?
Please visit the THE IRISH CANCER SOCIETY and find out about all things related to Cancer in Ireland, including Treatment, Prevention, Fundraising and much more.