Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It may shock or surpise people that there is such a Cancer as Heart Cancer. Heart Cancer is very, very rare and thankfully, most cases are benign. Other forms of Cancer can indirectly effect the Heart, and even some forms of Treatment can take its toll on the heart valves and muscles, but Heart Cancer itself is very, very, rare. Go here for more Information on Heart Cancer Homepage

As the Heart Hopes by Lucy Maud Montgomery

It is a year dear one, since you afar
Went out beyond my yearning mortal sight¬
A wondrous year! perchance in many a star
You have sojourned, or basked within the light
Of mightier suns; it may be you have trod
The glittering pathways of the Pleiades,
And through the Milky Way's white mysteries
Have walked at will, fire-shod.

You may have gazed in the immortal eyes
Of prophets and of martyrs; talked with seers
Learned in all the lore of Paradise,
The infinite wisdom of eternal years;
To you the Sons of Morning may have sung,
The impassioned strophes of their matin hymn,
For you the choirs of the seraphim
Their harpings wild out-flung.

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